How to Cut Glass at Home!

Think you can't cut glass at home? Why would you even need to cut glass? Well... for one, it's super easy and with the right (inexpensive) tools, you can cut glass like a pro, the first time you try!

As for the why part, it's simple! Picture it... the glass breaks in your favorite picture frame but it's an odd size. You are doing a craft or woodworking project that require glass. The reasons you might need a piece of glass are quite plentiful, but never fear... you can cut glass at home!

Here's Jim to explain and show you how:

Need one of the glass cutting kits like Jim used? Here's one on Amazon for $6.18!

(Note: This method works for thinner glass - don't expect to be able to cut glass for a coffee table with this method)

More Sesame Street Party Ideas!

Here are some pictures from our Little Man's 1st Birthday Party. Many of these decorations were created by Jim and I for Bryce's party. We utilized items from the dollar store and our local hardware store, in addition to a few party store/amazon items.

Jim made Bryce's Street Sign using simple PVC and a bucket filled with sand. Tutorial to follow soon. The sign itself was cut out of thin wood and painted. Lettering was glittered pre-cut vinyl letters.

Sesame Street 1st Birthday Confetti: Amazon, $3.58
Sesame Street Backdrop: Amazon, $5.81
Big Hugs Elmo (on left, by Goldfish): Amazon, $49.00
Elmo Puppet (by Lemonade): Amazon, $13.11
Cookie Monster Puppet (by Lemonade): Amazon, $7.67
Background: 4 Dollar Store Tablecloths. Tutorial Here.

Bryce's cake was three layers of Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and Elmo, with a street sign on top, all made out of fondant. This was made by a gracious individual at Jim's office. Thanks SO MUCH Amy! You are AMAZING!

Bryce's smash cake, a giant "cookie" was also made by Amy from Jim's office.

These have to be some of the cutest sugar cookies I have ever seen! A GIANT "Thank You" to my sister-in-law, owner of Fluffy Thoughts in McLean, VA for making these adorable cookies and shipping them to us!

To occupy the older children, we ended up renting a jump house. After a quick conversation with the rental place, they mentioned that they had an Elmo birthday wrap - score!

Have you seen our FREE Printable Elmo Birthday Party Invitations?


Sesame Street Inspired Party Favor Packs

It's Party Week here on We have some special party (this Sesame Street themed) ideas for you each day and we hope that you will enjoy them! After all, who doesn't love the monsters from Sesame Street? In fact, once this party started coming together, we quickly realized many of our childhood fantasies were coming true!

Sesame Street Birthday Party on a Budget

Here is how we made our Sesame Street-Inspired Party Favor Packs on a budget! In fact, many of these pieces came from the Dollar Store!

Sesame Street Birthday Party Favors on a Budget

1. Bubble Tubes - Michael's ~$2.50 for 16 ($0.16 ea)
2. Pencils - DollarTree $1.00 for $12 ($0.17 for 2)
3. Sesame Street Stickers - Dollar Tree $1.00 for 3 Sheets ($0.34 ea)
4. Bendy Straw - Dollar Tree $1.00 for 6 ($0.17 ea)
5. Pencil Sharpener - Dollar Tree $1.00 for 12 ($.09 ea)
Also included and Pictured Below:
6. Sesame Street Tattoos - Amazon $1.43 for 8 ($.18 ea) Also available at Party City.
7. Treat Bags - Dollar Tree $1.00 for 24 ($.05 ea) 

Sesame Street Birthday Party Favors on a Budget

The health nut in us really likes these favor bags because they contain NO sugar! Let the cake be the treat at the party!

How To Build A Raised Bed Garden

Building a raised bed garden may sound like a daunting task. However, it's actually pretty easy! In this tutorial, we will take you step by step from buying lumber and materials to building and assembling your raised bed garden. Please Note: We have noted a "budget" and a "preferred" version. What's the difference? The "budget" version will last you about 2-3 seasons before requiring replacement due to rot from rain and element, whereas the "preferred" version utilizes pressure treated wood and would likely last more than 5 years.

Tutorial: How to Build a Raised Bed Garden

Step 1: Determine what you would like to plant and where you have adequate conditions for the plants to grow before deciding on your size.  Some plants require space to "spread out" while others grow in an upward fashion and eventually need cages or lattice to attach to.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be constructing a raised bed garden of 4 feet wide by 8 feet long. (NOTE: You will see in the pictures above and below we created 2 of the same size and placed them next to each other.)

Recommended Tools/Equipment:
Electric Nail Gun with 16 Penny Nails OR  Electric Drill with 2.5" Screws
Measuring Tape
Circular Saw (A sharp hand saw may be used if you do not have a circular saw. Most home improvement stores will also cut lumber for you if you are prepared with the particular cuts you need.)

Step 2: Shop for your lumber and make your cuts. If you are interested in doing this on a budget, wood that is NOT pressure treated is cheaper than wood that is. Pressure Treated is slightly more expensive and will last longer.

Lumber Quantity Cuts
1"x6"x8' 7 Qty 4 - 1"x6"x8'
Qty 6 - 1"x6"x4'
Deck Baluster (2"x2"x42") 3 Qty 8 - 2"x2"x12"

It's time to begin assembly. 

Step 3: Align one 1"x6"x4' side board with one 1"x6"x8' length board so that the longer board is at the "end" and nail/screw together. Repeat for remaining three sides to create a box.

Step 4: Repeat step 3 with the remaining boards to form 2 large rectangles. Stack the rectangles on top of each other to create a box that is 4'W x 8'L x 1' H.

Step 5: Place one 2"x2"x12" cut baluster in each corner of the box and screw into place.

Step 6: Mark and add two (stacked) 1"x6"x4' boards to the 4' length mark inside your box. Place balusters on both sides and screw into place to affix.

Step 7: Your box is complete! Relocate your box to your garden spot. Note: You may want to add weed paper to the bottom prior to filling with soil and planting.