{Made} Traveler Luggage Tags from Birdiful Stitches

With the Ireland trip on the horizon, I thought it was the perfect time to make something to identify my luggage with and make it easier to find on the carousel at the airport. Enter Berritt from Birdiful Stitches and her fabulous luggage tag PDF pattern - pure awesomeness!

Here is a review of the pattern:
Fabric: The pattern suggests that you use 3 fat quarters of fabric. That will make a so many luggage tags you will be swimming in them! While you could definitely buy three fat quarters of coordinating fabrics, I would suggest using some cute scraps that you may have or may have saved up. Just think about the strap piece and make sure you have enough fabric to comfortable make the strap (it's 7.5" on the fold = 14" total before sewing)
Also make sure that you pick up some vinyl for the ID window. I decided to splurge on the heavier weight vinyl ($7.99/yd) at Hancock Fabrics and I'm glad I did - it is awesome!
Although the pattern doesn't state it in the Supplies Section, you will need some heavier-weight interfacing for each tag. Only about 10" by 5" though, depending on the type of tag you are making.

Notions: Thread, Magnetic or Clamp-On Snaps (Book Style Luggage Tag Only)

Difficulty of Pattern: In my opinion, this is a great beginner pattern for those looking to start making their own accessories!

Time to Complete: Approximately 25 minutes with cutting and sewing per tag after I made the first. 

Machines Used: I used my sewing machine exclusively.

Alterations/Changes Made to the Pattern:  I made only one change to the pattern and it isn't really a change as Berritt tells you to do it this way - I just omitted a step. With the vinyl, I cut it slightly smaller than the window pattern piece, stitched it and did NOT trim it (as suggested in the pattern). Although the weight made it a little harder to turn later, I felt that it really helped to add stability.
Yeah/Nay: Oh definitely will make again! My husband has already asked for a few of these for gifts for co-workers and customers! I love them!

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Have a fabulous day!


Abigail Schoorl said...

I love the pattern! Might I suggest you add another extra thread at the other end so that the tag will be tied securely? We can never tell what may happen when we part with our luggage. ;)

Tiffany Staples said...

Abigail - That's a great point. However, the piece is very well secured. I think that a buckle would do very well also!

Chiranjib Das said...

i always buy leather luggage for my international traveling. i think one should buy 4 wheel luggage for his traveling because in it he can carry all of his belongings.