{Made} Monkey See Monkey Do Top - McCall's M6437

I stumbled upon this cute monkey print sheer poly fabric in Hancock's over the Christmas holidays. Being the fabric hoarder collector that I am, I knew that I would find a use for it. Enter in McCall's Laura Ashley sewing pattern M6437, Version B. With a few changes, the Monkey See, Monkey Do Top was born! 

Let's take a look at the pattern a little further:

Size Made: Based off of my measurements and against my better judgement, I made a size 10... I really wish that I would have made a size 8 or cut the pattern down to a size 6. Perhaps it would have had a little less 1980s feel going on in the shoulders if I had. 

Fabric: The pattern suggest 1 7/8 yard for a size 10 made in version B. Depending on the width of your fabric, I can attest this is fairly accurate. 

1/2 yard of 1/4" elastic (did not use, see notes below)
One package of 1/2" single fold bias tape (did not use, see below)

Difficulty of Pattern: McCall's rates this pattern as easy - I would certainly agree with that.  However, bear in mind that whatever fabric you choose for the piece will dictate the degree of difficulty to a certain extent. If you choose slippery, slinky fabric (as the one I chose) it will take a little more patience and attention than a soft cotton.

Time to Complete: 
Cut Pattern - Approximately 15 minutes. 
Cut Fabric from Pattern - Approximately 15 minutes.
Sew and Assemble Top - Approximately 1 1/2 hours.

Machines Used: I used my sewing machine to attach some of the more difficult seams (such as the neckline and the sleeves) and to hem the sleeves and bottom of the top. My serger came in handy to attach the side seams, eliminating the need for the bias tape, and to clean up the edges on the neckline and sleeve attachments.

Alterations/Changes Made to the Pattern:  I had intentions of adding in the elastic on the sleeves; however, once I put it on and realized that the neckline was super huge, I decided to forgo the elastic. I don't really think that the piece needs it, although had I cut the smaller size, I most likely would have added it. 
Additionally, I eliminated the need for the bias tape by using the serger to finish the side seams (see above). 

Yeah/Nay: I'm not really sure. Right now, I have visions of Flash Dance - all I need are leg warmers! Maybe if I find the right fabric.

Have you made this? Do you think I should even step out in public wearing this?



elizabeth said...

i think it is adorable! i have been looking to make a similar top.

Tiffany Staples said...

Thanks so much! I would recommend this pattern - it's really easy and you can customize it however you prefer. Just be careful to cut appropriate sizing.

Talleymom said...

I have made this top, and it is one of my favorites. The sizing is an issue. Always, always, always cut your patterns according to your measurements and not some random size number chosen by the pattern maker. In the last few years this has become a real issue. I honestly don't know what is going through the pattern makers mind.

Tiffany Staples said...

Thanks for the comment! I totally agree - some patterns are right on and some are WAY OFF of even the measurements they provide - from the same manufacturer! I guess I should start going off of the finished garment measurements.