{Made} The Sunny Day Dress - A Salme Sewing Patterns Design

With the weather yoyo-ing back and forth from hot to cold, I have been on a kick sewing for Spring. My new dress, The Sunny Day Dress is no exception. Based off of the Salme Sewing Patterns' Sleeveless Dress pattern, I accomplished the most daring, comfortable dress that can be dressed up with heels or dressed down with flats and a belt. 

Size Made: I used the measurement guide provided by Salme and cut a size 6 in the pattern with no adjustments prior to cutting/sewing. 

Fabric: This fabric was screaming at me from across JoAnn's! Normally, I don't go in the quilting section, but this cotton practically jumped in my shopping cart and onto the cutting counter. The pattern called for 2 yards of 45" W fabric. However, I had to go back for more fabric because after prewashing, it shrunk A LOT and I didn't have enough width left to cut the pattern pieces. If you use the quilting cotton for this, I would suggest taking home about 2 1/2 yards of fabric for the size 6 just to be on the safe side.

23" of 1/4" elastic (based off of waist measurement minus a few inches)

Difficulty of Pattern: This pattern is rated at a Beginner/Intermediate level. I think this is more on the intermediate level as I had to make a few adjustments to it (not sure if I was the cause of the need for adjustments, which very well may be). It is definitely for someone that does not need incredibly detailed instructions, as the instructions are great if you have already mastered a few sewing basics.

Time to Complete: 
Assemble and Cut PDF Pattern - Approximately 15 minutes. 
Cut Fabric from Pattern - Approximately 15 minutes.
Sew and Assemble Dress - Approximately 2.5 hours (more time needed to make adjustments - if I was to sew the dress again, it would take about 1.5 hours).

Machines Used: I used my serger for all of the seaming in this dress.  However, you will need a sewing machine to attach stitch down the pleats, clean line the bodice and hem the dress.

Alterations/Changes Made to the Pattern:  I'm not quite sure what happened... perhaps I didn't read the directions carefully when I was cutting the pattern out, but my bodice, after pleating, was MUCH larger than my facing. So, I remedied this my adding a center pleat to the garment of 9/16". I simply sewed a seam of 9/16", and then opened it up and ironed down the center of the garment so that you could not see the seam. Worked like a charm!
Additionally, because I used a heavier-weight cotton, the pleats would not stay closed when I wore the garment. I made a few tacks with my machine (and a few with the needle and thread once the garment was one) and voila! it was perfect!

Yeah/Nay: Absolutely! I will definitely try a lighter weight fabric though - I think that the cotton was a little too heavy.

Want to make the Sleeveless Dress?  Go enter my giveaway to win a 3-pk of patterns from Salme Patterns

What do you think about my choice of cotton? Do you think I should remake it in a charmeuse or a lighter fabric?



Marie said...

Oh wow, this looks lovely! Your fabric choice is gorgeous!

Tiffany Staples said...

Thanks so much Marie! I think the fabric was a bit heavy, but I really fell in love with the print! And to think... it was on sale for $2.50 a yard at JoAnns!

Sewing OCD said...

I just downloaded my first Salme and am so excited to give it a try. Their designs seem simple yet elegant. I love your dress!